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The Titanic Bridges

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Welcome in the interior of the Titanic.
Below you will find the ship's profile and schematic drawings of its four top bridges that are fully furnished in this model.
On top and bottom sides of each drawing there are photographs of the interior of the model. The red arrows let you locate their position on board.
Good visit ... but please get off before leaving the ship!
Titanic's soul
A short video that takes you to look for the ship's soul through its furnished bridges. Click on the photo and ...welcome on board.
Posted on August 7, 2008
Duration 5' 0"
 You can also go down to the engine room and see how the Titanic propulsion system worked.
Take a look at the short videos that describe the main models of this site (click on the photo)
Movies taken from TV shows are not posted on YouTube but are only present on this site and reserved to its visitors.

I segreti del modello del Normandie
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Il Titanic a "Incontri sull'Arca" - Mino Damato
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La lunga notte del Titanic
Ulisse - Alberto Angela
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To make the interior decoration the bridges were built separately.
Once finished and furnished they were stuck and locked together and placed on the hull.

In the photos beside you see the separate bridges.
Titanic,_Stern_of_the_model_and_bridges_before_assembly Titanic,_Rear_area_and_bridges_before_assembly Titanic,_Central_area_and_bridges_before_assembly

Visit the Boats Bridge - At the boats deck you find the command bridge, officers cabins, the radio room, the upper steps of the clock staircase and the gym.

Visit Bridge A - At deck A, starting with the prow, there is a first group of first class cabins. Immediately after there is the first-class entrance hall with the luxurious staircase of the the clock. At the center of the bridge there is the reading / writing room and the first class lounge. More aft, beneath the chimney No. 4, which is fake, there is the first-class smokers room. The fireplace in this room is visible. In the end, you enter the verandah, even these exclusive for first-class passengers.
Between these two rooms there is a ladder reserved for 2nd class passengers.
Visit Bridge B - Titanic Bridge B has been altered to that of the Twin Olympic Ship. The covered promenade, running from the prow to the stern across the superstructure, was used to build apartments and two luxurious suites. This operation has increased the ship's tonnage. Starting from the prow there is a group of first class cabins. Following is the entry for first-class passengers with the stairs leading up to the clock. Towards the stern we find two suites. These are two apartments, with two bedrooms and a living room, which is accompanied by a private walk, which is a stretch of the covered promenade that was on the Olimpic.
In J. Cameron's Titanic movie, Miss Kate traveled to one of these suites. There is then a series of spacious and luxuriously appointed cabins. Proceeding aft, you meet the second first-class staircase. Then there is a kitchen and a restaurant. On the starboard side was the Café Parisien.
As for this bridge, the first class ends here. Continuing to the stern meet the entry and the second-class smoking room.
Outside of this is a walk, reserved for second class passengers, and a ladder to access other bridges.

Visit the C bridge - The Titanic Bridge C is the last bridge furnished of this model. Coincides with deck deck. There are first-class cabins, and behind them, it continues the staircase leading to the clock. In this hall is the Uffico Commissari. Next, throughout the central area, other first-class cabins. There is also a beer garden and barber room. There is a living room and an entrance hall reserved for second-class passengers.