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TITANIC - The Artifact Exhibition from 18 March to 21 July 2017
Thousands of finds were recovered from the unfortunate transatlantic wreck that lies to nearly 4,000 feet in depth.
This exciting exhibition, organized at the "Promotrice delle Belle Arti", Viale Balsamo Crivelli 11, Torino (Valentino) has also participated in the Titanic model described on this site.

June 9, 2017 - 5:30 pm - at the exhibition halls, meeting with Duilio Curradi
The Titanic Model: Rebuild Myth
Captain Duilio Curradi told us the captivating reconstruction of the Titanic model he kindly granted to the show.
Taking such a complicated job has allowed the captain to better know the technical peculiarities of the world's most famous ship and to seize the secrets. Watch the video

The Titanic model at the show